Nose correction (Rhinoplasty)

Treatment duration
Anesthesia type
Hospital stay
1-2 hours
General anesthesia

State-of-the-art techniques ensure excellent results.


Nasal deformities (congenital or due to injury).
Correction of so-called hump, bulbous, saddle, or deviated noses.


Modern aesthetic plastic surgery is capable of positively changing the nose through individualized treatment. From the age of 15, the nose will not change significantly anymore and is nearly fully grown.
The size, shape, height, width, and nasal breathing can be corrected. Nostrils can be reduced, and the tip can be reshaped.
In most cases, no visible scars remain as the surgery is performed from inside the nose.


An exact planning and clarification regarding the possibilities and limitations of surgical correction are extremely important in nose surgery. The surgeon should precisely address the patient's desires during the detailed consultation and develop a plan together.


Nose surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia. Minor corrections to the nasal tip and cartilaginous portion are also possible under local anesthesia and can be done on an outpatient basis or under twilight sedation.

Hospital stay

A hospital stay is not required. You can go home after 2-3 hours.

After the procedure

Elevate the head for 2 days to minimize swelling. A plaster splint is applied for 14 days to provide stability to the nose.


Exact costs can only be determined after a comprehensive consultation and careful examination, specifically tailored to the surgical needs of the patient.