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Wrinkles and fine lines are a sign of muscular activity. Every time we smile, laugh, frown, or express other emotions, the fine facial muscles contract. In some people, the activity of the facial muscles is too strong or even stronger than in others, causing wrinkles to appear more quickly and more prominently than usual.


The application of Botox® (Botulinum toxin), especially in the upper third of the face, plays a leading role in the treatment of dynamic wrinkles. The frown lines (glabella lines), forehead wrinkles, and crow's feet around the eyes can be effectively treated. Additionally, Botox® injection provides an excellent therapeutic option for excessive sweating in the hands, feet, or armpits.
Botulinum toxin A (Azzalure®, Botox®, Vistabel®, BoCouture®) is a very safe and effective substance. It has been used for years not only in cosmetic surgery but also in dermatology and neurology.


When injected into the muscle, the substance blocks nerve impulses and relaxes specific muscle areas, preventing tension. This process is called cosmetic weakening. Other nerve functions such as skin sensitivity are not affected by this. Due to the targeted inhibition of certain muscles, the overlying skin becomes relaxed, and there is no continuous muscle activity.
The Botulinum toxin® is administered into the desired area after precise dilution using a fine needle. The use of a micro-needle makes the procedure nearly painless, with only temporary discomfort from the injection site. There are no side effects other than this temporary discomfort. Once the treatment is completed, the affected areas are cooled to minimize swelling and discomfort.


Typically, one can observe the results after approximately 3-5 days, and it lasts around 3-6 months after the initial treatment. The duration of the results can be extended through repeated treatments, reducing the need for injections over a specific period as the muscles weaken.

After the treatment

Approximately 2 hours after the treatment, makeup should not be applied. During this time, it is advisable to keep the head in an upright position and avoid lying down if possible.

The treatment with Botulinum toxin helps achieve a natural facial shape without negative mimetic activity.