Breast lift (without and with implant)

Treatment duration
Anesthesia type
Hospital stay
2.5 hours
General anesthesia

A normally sized breast that has lost its shape and fullness after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss can be distressing and significantly lower a woman's self-esteem. It often appears 'empty,' lacking the outward signs of femininity.
In cases of different breast sizes (asymmetry) or sagging skin (due to pregnancy, weight loss), plastic surgery can help achieve a more aesthetically pleasing shape through breast lift surgery. In some cases, it may be beneficial to perform breast augmentation with implants at the time of the breast lift. Augmentation often improves skin quality and helps maintain a beautiful, harmonious shape for a longer period.


The excess skin is removed according to the preoperative planning and joint recording with the patient after discussion. In most cases, the nipple is left attached to the breast glandular tissue, the tissue is shaped into a rounded form, and the skin is adjusted accordingly. The length of the necessary scars depends on the extent of the correction.
In breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed, and the breast is reshaped. Often, the areola is reduced in size.

In some cases, when there is not enough natural breast tissue available, breast augmentation is performed simultaneously. For further information, you can find additional details under Breast Augmentation. The choice of implant shape, structure, profile (RSD-Demi, RSF-Full, RSC-Corsé), and size (from 180 to 1050cc) is made jointly with the patient according to her desires and preferences.

Special instruments

Dr. Solz has developed a special set of instruments. Particularly notable are the Breast dissector by Dr. Solz and the Dissection scissors by Dr. Solz. This equipment is distributed worldwide by the company Medicon. With the help of these new instruments, a particularly gentle surgical technique is possible. Major advantages of these special instruments include significantly reduced bleeding during and after surgery, as well as faster healing times. Through this approach and the use of high-quality silicone implants from the company Motiva, we can achieve excellent results reliably. Here you have a look at the special instruments .


The breast lift procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Hospital stay

A hospital stay is typically not necessary because modern anesthesia techniques are very safe, and the patient is usually allowed to return home after 2-3 hours.

After the procedure

Lifting the arms should be avoided initially to prevent any interference with the healing of the scars.
Do not sleep on your stomach for 6 weeks.
A specialized shaping bra is to be worn for 6 weeks.